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Durable Medical Equipment


What is considered Durable Medical Equipment?



Durable medical equipment (DME) is equipment primarily used to serve a medical purpose, can withstand repeated use, and is appropriate for use in the home. Some examples of DME include hospital beds, walkers, wheel chairs, and oxygen tents. Medical supplies of an expendable nature, such as bandages, rubber gloves and irrigating kits may not be considered by Medicare to be DME. Symbius Medical may have equipment for you to borrow.



[dropcap3]q:[/dropcap3] How often should I clean my mask? When should it be replaced?



Your mask, headgear and other components should be cleaned on a regular basis. If maintained properly, your mask and headgear should last six to 12 months. On a daily basis: Wash the mask or pillows with a soft cloth. Gently wash with a solution of warm water and a mild, clear liquid detergent. Rinse thoroughly, and allow mask or pillows to air dry. On a twice-weekly basis: With a soft cloth, gently wash the swivel connector and tubing in a solution of warm water and a mild, clear liquid detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry. On a weekly basis: Unplug the unit and, using a cloth slightly dampened with water and dish detergent, wipe the outside of the unit. Using a cloth dampened with water only, wipe the outside of the unit again. Use a dry cloth to wipe the unit dry. Make sure it’s thoroughly dry before plugging it in again. On an as-needed basis: Wash your headgear and/or chinstrap as needed, perhaps once or twice a week. Again using a soft cloth, gently wash each in a solution of warm water and a mild, clear liquid detergent.


[dropcap3]q:[/dropcap3]What Is An Oxygen Concentrator?



Oxygen Concentrators are medical devices that deliver almost pure oxygen through the nose via tubes. Air generally contains 21% oxygen; the rest is mostly nitrogen. Concentrators remove the nitrogen, leaving the remaining air 87-95% oxygen. Then the oxygen concentrators deliver the oxygen to the patient by means or tubes or masks. Oxygen concentrator output is generally measured in LPM (liters per minute).

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